Main Street Video Stores

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Lipovic Plaza, home of Fiesta Video circa late 80s to 98, Mesa, AZ.
Fiesta video was the biggest video store on the main street strip.  They had a wacky policy- you would write down the number on scrap paper and you wouldn’t know if the film was rented until you went to the counter.  Why I liked renting from them so much was their never ending gigantic wall of horror tapes.  I think the owners would never willingly stock a foreign film since that was the only section they didn’t have.
Eventually Fiesta Video moved out of the Lipovic Plaza into a smaller place, a new plaza directly across the street.  At their new location they put in a drive through window for drop off and Velcro for the video tags.  Years later I drove by and was saddened to see it was now a Hollywood Video.